Books Unique to this movement is that no traditional pointers are used. Instead, use the BR 01 RED RADAR three independent concentric disks with three red light beams. At the base of the beams, where the color gradually decreases in strength, can be read off the hours, minutes and seconds if we have the light beams from the outside end to the inside. Woman On red colored glass give two axes graduated and index raised the timing to. The choice of red against the anti-reflective matte black background of the dial and watch case referring to the scenes in the halls of the air traffic control: a great contrast for optimum readability polo ralph lauren for women

Despite the apparent simplicity of the watch, the BR 01 RED RADAR is an extremely sophisticated timepiece. For the technical challenge of designing and implementing the cooperation of the best watch designers needed.
Because each disc 30 times as much weight as a pointer, there is ultra-light discs had to be designed so that would not be the power reserve and accuracy of the watch to be affected. On the other hand each disc had to be strong enough not to deform and to cause in this way friction. This double challenge had specific materials and new techniques are developed.
During rotation ensures an adjustment to the micron accuracy that the discs remain permanently in parallel.

Like all innovations at Baselworld 2016 we also this movement to admire themselves, ralph lauren discount ? so see for sure the video below that shows the operation of the timepiece.

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on the Watch Fair Baselworld 2016 Bell & Ross presents a new interpretation of the radar display, and drives even further by the imitation of the original instrument. The 999 pieces limited edition BR 01 RED RADAR. polo ralph lauren shorts

The analog display of the BR 01 RED RADAR is very similar to that of the radar for air traffic control. The graphic design refers to the scanning beams from a real radar screen.

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